One of the things people ask about is "What is your Worship Service like"? Often times that question relates to 'what is your music style?' We have a "blended" music style of worship where we use custom videos of contemporary Christian worship and we also have Hymn Books in our pews, next to our Pew Bibles, where we joyfully sing the Hymns of our Christian heritage. We do use guitars and drums (played very tastefully), as well as piano accompaniment.

Our style of preaching is Expository sermons, where our Pastor preaches mainly through Bible books. He also preaches topically, but has an emphasis on exegesis (careful attention to the text of Scripture.) Pastor Harris is very practical in his application of Scripture, and invites people to respond to the Gospel of Salvation in every message.

Our dress is casual, but if you feel comfortable with more formal attire you will be 'at home' in our fellowship.

We have a very strong emphasis on 'the body' and deep relationships are encouraged.

A word from our Pastor: "This congregation is a very loving and caring body. This Church is a place where you will not be judged for any reason. You will find acceptance and a "safe" environment to be yourself. We have found that people in our Congregation that move to another location find it very difficult to find a Church that comes close to the love and solid Bible teaching that they find in this Church.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us. Also, check out our Denomination website to learn more about our Church.